So my buddy has always had the best intentions of helping me get into shape and eat better and all that.  I’ve been trying to be a good partner in all of it because I see how healthy he is and how much more energy he has than I do, but I always manage to self sabotage.  I’ve been noticing a few things over the last few months that really lead me to this point where I really need to say goodbye.

Goodbye to overeating.  Goodbye to unnecessary food.  Goodbye to eating everything on my plate even though I know I’m full, but I brain wants to stuff more.  Goodbye to being disappointed when my pants are tight, or the neck on my shirt won’t button up without a struggle.

I’ve been talking with my friend J, and discussing the finer points of Paleo dieting, and I can’t see any disadvantage.  Yes, it cuts out all grains, and I’m a carboholic.  Yeah, it cuts out all sweets, which in my case, is probably a good thing.  I will occasionally slip, but I think I’m getting to know my little subconscious tricks, and how I talk myself into and out of things.  Exercise is still a daunting task to conquer, but I think by eating better and walking more, I’m taking two large steps in the right direction.

So, in my quest to do this, I’m going to try to post what I’m eating as a guide and an idea of how I’m doing.  I’d like to try to find a scale that I could use reliably here at work, so I’m going to look for that.

3/19 – oatmeal with pb and preserves, grape nuts mixed together.  small plate of pasta and sausage from Maggianos, and a grass fed beef hamburger with guacamole between two pieces of kale.

3/20 – pink lady apple cut into quarters, almond butter spread on top.  Planning on having some more pasta and sausage, mostly because I don’t want to waste food 🙂  Not sure what I’m eating for dinner.

To my knowledge, still 245 with my suit and shoes on.  I think I’m going to just keep that in my head and when I feel like I’ve lost something significant, then weigh myself.  And to my friend Cherie – I’m increasing the amount of water I’m drinking to 64oz or more, I’ve eliminated sweets, and I’m walking more. 🙂