Growing up

That’s right.  Kids do that sometimes.  I just got a nice little shot in the arm.  Gillian called me at work to ask me a question – “Daddy, I have a question.  There’s a rainforest.  It’s in Brazil, and I don’t remember the name of it.  Do you know?”

“Let me think..” I said as I googled it furiously.

“How is your day” she asked in that sweet little voice that wraps me right around her finger.

“It’s good honey, lots of work today.  Is it the Amazon Rainforest?”

“YES!  UGH!  Thanks Daddy.  I couldn’t remember that.  Bye” and she hangs up.

It’s amazing that you live with these little people every single day and suddenly they ask you something or say something that is not in line with how old you think they are.  I realized quickly that my kids are growing up.

For those of you with small ones.  Cherish them 🙂  They’ll call you at work soon too.  My first wakeup call with Aidan was when I got an email from him.

In MY DAY, we all called.  We didn’t have any fancy internet crap!  We dialed the rotary phone and WE LIKED IT.