Guys looking stoopid

Something has been bothering me for the last several years, and I know, I shouldn’t bitch or moan because women have been victimized for so long….

At first it bothered me that so many of the commercials lately are concentrated not on the big boobed bimbo or some other scantily clad woman trying to sell you what ever is so unrelated it’s not even funny, but on the ‘Stoopid Husband’ principal. Lets take a product and somehow sell it by exploiting the perceived inability of a man to have a coherent thought or remember an anniversary or birthday.

I’m all for empowering women and being equal and trying to have a normal society, but I think that selling products by putting down guys, well, shit, lets just expand the post to putting down ANYONE, in a humorous manner is uncool, and truthfully puts me off.

Case in point – I just saw an ad online for the new 8G Nokia. “My nokia will do anything” slogan that has a guy hooked up to a lie detector program on the phone while his wife asks why he forgot their anniversary and he stands there lying about why he forgot and the phone saying “Lying”. When he finally says something to the effect of “I’m going to take you out to dinner to make up for it” she gets a satisfied look on her face and says “That’s what I thought” or something along those lines.

Why is that funny? Why does that sell?
For that matter, why do products with the aforementioned big boobed blonde sell? Is it all about “What’s the current hook?” and who can we exploit, or in the case of my problem – who can we make fun of – to sell a product?