Happy Holidays

Well, this has been an interesting week to say the least.  Nice and short for work, didn’t work Friday, and I’m off Monday as well so that’s pretty coolio.  Let me take it back a few days.

Woke up Wednesday and worked a half day, mostly moving stuff around on a server to try to get some other things in place.  Annoyingly, it resisted all attempts to make me look like DA MAN, and made me look more like DA IDIOT instead.  Ever work on something and you know it’s gonna be something so small and simple you’re going to smack yourself?  Yeah, that’s what Mon, Tue, and Wed were like.  It’s tough right now because my job is so many different things.  ANYWAY….

Worked until about 1, when I decided enough was enough and I needed to help Fae get things in order to get ready to come to my folx on Long Island.  Fae was asked to make two pecan pies and a batch of her candied yams.  The pies went off without much of a hitch, and turned out delicious – but I get ahead of myself.  We’re in the kitchen, Aidan and his friend and Gillian are upstairs, and Fae’s mixing up the yams with all the good stuff, and goes to drop the butter into the mixture.  She had heated it up in a bowl in the microwave, and proceeded to let it drip into the side of the running mixer.  Now, keep in mind – this is a not a small little machine so it was on high, hauling it’s blender bits around in a frenzy.

Problem is, the dish had some melted butter on the side.  Yeah, it dropped in.  And you can probably guess what happened next.  The bowl rattled the mixing bowl off the track, slung orange goop everywhere and if that wasn’t bad enough, it SHOT the bowl back right at my wife’s eye.  She was trying to get the bowl out, I’m trying to reach over her to shut the machineFromHell down, and WHAM!  Thankfully, it cut into her eyebrow and not her eyeball.  Nothing broke, strangely enough, and so she ended up with a nice little slice just below her eyebrow.  So I help her sit down and put pressure on it, because it’s bleeding a LOT for such a small cut, and turn around to look at the kitchen.

If she hadn’t been so hurt, I would have been howling.  There was orange crap EVERYwhere except the ceiling.  And my poor wife is sitting on the floor, putting pressure on her eye, never realizing that she is covered in candied yams.