Here we go again

I’ve been working on a lot of things, including getting rid of the malware I found on this site.  Man, the site it bounced me to?  EWWWWW!  Skanky is the word I’d definitely use.

Anyway, I’m writing again, this time, I actually crossed the 10k word mark and I’m progressing nicely.

I also started realizing that I’m not creating any code, and my mad ninja coding skillz are rusting, if not gone, so I started reading and doing some small little things to learn Ruby, a language that caught my eye a few years ago as something simplistic and clean that appealed to the programmer in me.

Not promising anything, but I would like to write here more so , here goes.

Thankfully, I can say we only lost power for a few days in the Sandy storm, my parents didn’t get it back for 15.  Oye.

Marching band season is over, and I think I’m more bummed than Aidan is.

Gillian’s getting too old, too fast.  Not talking about that anymore.  Oh yeah, Aidan is getting his learner’s permit in April, he’s in drivers ed this quarter.  Oye.