Hi internet, how are you?

Me?  I’m slammed!  Sorry it’s been a while since I posted, I’m trying to get ready for a presentation I need to do on the 11th, and the project the presentation is on is HUGE!.

I already went over the last two weeks, so you don’t want to read that.  What’s up with me?

  • getting ready for Nov 11th conference in Orlando.
  • Glad I have an employee who thinks I know what I’m doing and has confidence in me.
  • Nervous about my son going on an 2 night overnight trip next week with the rest of the 7th grade.  Hoping he can get to sleep 😉
  • Glad my wife is feeling better emotionally, sad she’s got the flu.  No, she doesn’t have swine flu.
  • Feeling fat, out of shape, and my left elbow is screaming at me.  Plus I have a cyst in my right wrist.  I’m just old, I should hang it up and get a cane now.
  • My little girl is turning 10 next week.  Not sure how I feel about that.  Already told her she can’t have a boyfriend.

Ugh, gotta get some work done – had a min while some code was compiling and it finished, so time to grind out some more cool stuff.