I’m trying to get better at posting, and this is twice in a week, wow 🙁  Grrr.  This is going to be a random mix of stuff I’m doing, thinking about, feeling, etc.

Getting ready to go to Kendo camp on Tuesday, should be a blast.  Aidan and I are going down to PA on Tues, should be there until Saturday, possibly Sunday.  I’ll be posting from there so you can share in all of the bruises, sweat, and just how hot it is in armor in an unairconditioned gym.  We’ll be staying in the dorms at Bryn Mawr College in PA.  Should be fun.  This is my 40th birthday present from my parents, and should be great bonding time for me and the Boyo.

Got a cortizone shot in my elbow which from a previous post some of you know, F’kin HURT! Got that on Monday and it’s Friday and it’s feeling a lot better.  Still a twinge or two, but not too shabby.  Doc said it’s not common to have this many shots so far in a year (3), but sometimes it takes time for it to really work.  Talked about possibly surgery, but for now, going to take preventative measures and be careful with it.  Hoping to not have to go back in another 4 months.

Have taken Fae in for an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy within a week to try to find out whats causing her digestive problems.  Both, thankfully, came back clean.  Unfortunately, it does nothing to tell us why she’s been having issues.  Having to be close to home for 2-3 months is really just not right.  They’re hoping with some meds, it’ll help.  They think it might be IBS, but unsure.

We’re done with a huge project, moving servers from a third party to our own data center over the last few weeks.  It’s been difficult, but we did it, and things seem to be running fairly smooth (crossing fingers).

Gillian goes to camp on the 9th of Aug for a week to Celiac Camp.  She’s excited as hell and has already started packing for it.  It’s nice for her because she’ll be surrounded by people who have the same thing (can’t eat gluten), and will spend a week not having to ask “Can I eat that?” which will be a nice break for her.  We’re thinking of buying land and starting a celiac commune, anyone want in? 🙂  That same week, my Mom is taking Aidan to see my sister and her kids in Chicago for the week, so he’s pretty stoked to go.

Which leaves Fae and I home by ourselves for a week 🙂  YAY!  I’m thinking we’ll just sleep 😉

Hope this finds you and yours well.