I think I found it..

Yes, yet another theme.  I think I like this one tho, it’s nice and simple.

Anyway, happy belated Father’s Day to everyone, hope your weekend was nice and relaxing.  We pretty much lazed around on Saturday and went to my parents on Sunday.  It was nice to see everyone and to spend some quality time with my brother.  Our respective kids were pretty much all over us so we tried to migrate to another part of the pool.  It was good.

Working on some projects for work, and for my side business.  Fae’s going to be helping me work on another piece of software that will hopefully make some bank and help ease the costs we have everyday.  Still loving working from home 3 days a week.

We’re going to Great Wolf Lodge on Wed and Thurs with Gillian’s brownie troop.  I’m looking forward to splashing around in the water with Fae and the kids.  Should be lots of fun.