Ice, Ice, baby

The first part is what it’s doing outside, and the last part is how I feel right now.  I honestly love snow, and I think I actually complained that there wasn’t anything significant last year.

Man, I need to stop thinking like that.

So what’s going on?  Lots of snow, the kids are already out of snow days and it’s supposed to dump 3 inches of ice on us tonight, do I’m betting delayed opening if they go in at all.  I’ve been working from home yesterday and today because Fae’s grandmother died on Friday and she was working and sitting Shiva in the city at her Aunt’s place on the West Side of Manhattan.  She was 93 and it wasn’t much of a shock, thankfully we got to say goodbye last Sunday.  She’s emotionally exhausted from that and working more and more is draining too.

One thing that is going to slowly change is a transition homewards.  After commuting  for 5 years to White Plains NY from Central Jersey – yeah 86 miles, 1.5 hours each way if I was lucky – I’m going to be working 4 days a week from home, one in the office.  It’s going to significantly improve just about everything in my life.  My face time in the office will be severely limited, but I’m working on ways around some of that.  I’ll be home to get the kids off to school, get them off the bus, be able to be here so Fae can work a lot more, and just not spend three hours a day in a car.  It’ll be nice to have lunch with my wife on the days she’s home, maybe try to make dinner for her on the days she’s working.  If you hear about a poisoning incident or a huge fire in Bridgewater, you’ll know I tried;)

In case you’re still thinking about it, Yes.  Three.  1.5 hour commute, each way.  Hey, I took the job, I knew what I was in for. 🙂  I love what I do, it’s just really far.  This season has really pushed this all forward and made it easier for me to work more from home.  And in truth, I’m a programmer and a project manager who’s clients/co-workers are mostly in the field anyway, so it’s really not that much different.  Just calling from my living room instead of an office or a conference room.

Anyway, I’m going to try to post more, but at the same time I want to spend as much time with my fam.