I’m still here:)

Fate? Destiny? Random Act of rolloveredness?

I don’t know.

For those of you who are trying to figure out what the hell I am talking about, I rolled my car three times on Thursday and walked away with a few scratches.

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So, it’s Sunday, and I’ve had several days to adjust and get used to it all. Do I want to forget it all? No. Do I want to get on with my life and not let this cripple me? Yeah, I’d say that was my best bet.

My friend Alex had given me tickets a while back to the Mets game today. I wasn’t going to go, but my wife suggested I should, if only to concentrate on something else. She was right. It allowed me to break up the constant mulling over of the events that I had been doing since the accident, and let me watch as the Mets lost to the Diamondbacks. Which sucked, but I had a good time with my friend Doug, and we talked about a lot of stuff, some accident, some not.

I think that the cure that everyone needs that has been in a rollover accident, is a ballpark dog. That hotdog was probably the best thing I have ever tasted simply because it felt safe. I’m not sure that’s going to make sense to anyone, but I think that’s what I have been doing since it happened. Building back up my safety zone. I’ve been conversing with a girl in Michigan who found my blog who had a similar experience on Friday, and it’s been very helpful to be able to talk to someone who has been through the same exact thing as me. Not that my wife and parents and friends have been insensitive or not understanding. It’s just impossible to understand fully what you’ve been through unless you’ve done it.

I’m not over it, nor do I think I will be for a while. I think that I am okay now tho. I had a really good time today at the game, and hugged my wife and kids extra today when I got home.

Now I think I am going to go have some oreo cookies and milk and go to bed. I was going to say ‘crash’ but I think I’ve done enough of that lately.