It’s about the little things

Is my son as psyched to be in Cooperstown as I am?  I’m not sure.  He sure is acting it, but I think he’s more psyched to be hanging out with A, his son D, and me all on a boys weekend.  And you know what?  I’m totally cool with that.  I always thought that my kids would play soccer and baseball and swim and be as physical as I was growing up.  Aidan’s a funny kid.  At first, like baseball, I thought he might be getting into japan and stuff related to it because he wanted to be like his old man.  And again, he might have been at first, but I think he’s really gotten and embraced things about it, that fit in line with my view of it, and then again, he might be slightly skewed in his likes and dislikes.

We’re definitely having a good time in kendo together – partially because it’s something he and I can do together, and partially because it’s really fucking cool 🙂  Sensei is going to give us our gi and hakama on Wed, but he doesn’t know that.  I’m going to grab it from her and stash it in my car and let him open at our house when we celebrate in front of the tree.  [Big shout out to our friend J for the help on the hakama.  He’ll thank you after he tries it on, meanwhile, maybe you can come and give us instrutions on how to fold it? ;)]

It’s about being appreciated.  I had a bad day the other day, and my boss got the feeling that I might be looking for another job and really reached out to make sure I knew how much he valued me and my work.  It was really nice to hear, and I was in my car, I pulled over and called him right away – “WHOA!  No, I had a shitty day, that never even crossed my mind!”  Which is the total truth, but then again, who in their right mind would be moving jobs at this point in the economy?  I love my job.  Fuckin HATE my commute, but the job itself is challenging and rewarding in itself.  And most importantly, I have one 🙂