It’s the little things that make life cool

Fae has Juniors training tonight for Gillian’s Girl Scout troop so I worked from home today. First of all, the extra sleep I get not having to commute to White Plains is awesome 🙂 So I woke up an hour later, got the kids ready for camp, dropped off Aidan, then drove to the other side of town to drop off Gillian. Aidan’s taking techcamp – they’re teaching him computer animation, flash, and html stuff. Hey man, I didn’t sign him up, Fae did!!! Not that I minded 😉

Gillian is at Girl Scout camp that she earned most of the tuition for selling over 300 boxes of cookies. It’s a beginner horse training class – how to care for them, a bit of riding, and swimming and crafts. All in all, very cool. Her camp is until 5, his is out at 11:30. So I went to pick him up at the middle school to bring him home. So we stopped at the library and picked up some books and an audiobook for me. Then to Rita’s for an italian ice. Then we went for a swim in the pool, just me and him. It was empty so I swam 10 laps and then proceeded to show him how to do all of the various strokes, and how to squirt water by closing your fist, and how to whistle with your fingers, and how to make a REALLY big splash doing a canopener just by leaning back a little more, and other stuff. We splashed around for around an hour and had some good guy time. I miss hanging out with just him sometimes because I work so far and get home later than I’d like.

So just spending an hour or so with him, being together, goofing around, sharing bites of Italian ice made me love the little knucklehead even more, which I didn’t think possible.

Take some time with your kids or a loved one and just be together. It’s so special and so necessary.