Just about the worst day ever…

You ever have one of those days that nothing seems to go right?  Before I get in too deep, let me tell you, I’m not looking for pity, I just need to rant.  So if you’ve just had about the shittiest day imaginable, you can stop reading now, seriously 😉

I actually got to work without hitting the huge amount of traffic on my way in, that should have told me something.  Made it in without any significant sitting, which considering the shape the Tappan Zee is in right now, is considerable.  Got in, had a cup of coffee.

“Well that did absolutely zip” I mumbled to myself as I went to get another cup.  3/4 the way through the 2nd, I started feeling human and that’s when the portal I’m building decided to play hide and seek with code I was trying to implement.  And then links went missing for no apparent reason.  And the contractors that are updating a bunch of our old apps STILL hadn’t called or sent me an update on the proposal for hours and cost.

And then my boss, who is probably one of the smarted people I know, but not a programmer said, “Did you check this?”  Which I was sure I had, but as he went to try it, the most obvious thing imaginable, I realized I hadn’t.  And the problem turned out to be something so simple, it really knocked me for a loop.

You ever feel totally useless, like you’re not sure why they let you still work there?  Man that sucked so bad.  The great thing about my boss is he joked “So, that was a 4 hour traffic jam you just got out of, glad you finally got here” speaking for the time I totally wasted on something that wasn’t an issue.  And then something else stopped working, and 5 people asked me to do 10 different things.

“I suck” was going through my head for most of the day 🙂  I just want to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow to a happier and hopefully less traumatic day.

Oh yeah, so when I went in to hang up my pants and shirt?  The rod holding up my pants hangers dumped all of them plus a bunch of shirts.

Yeah, feeling like Charlie Brown – I”m Doomed! 😉

If you made it this far, thanks:)