Lessons from SuperDad: Kid Power

I ended up ranting in my last post about being sick of the bullshit that surrounds us today.

Lets talk about our children.   How can we help them be what this country so desperately needs?  Can we force them to be certain ways?  Can we bribe them to be certain ways?

Sure.  But how will you ever know if their actions are genuine?  If they did something out of fear, or out of desire for a cookie or money?

Do I have the answer?  Yes, but not in the way that you think.

Spend time with them.  Teach them.  Help them learn to be better people.  How?

By being a better person yourself.  Yes, YOU!  Everyone can help children grow up to be better adults, simply by being a better person themselves.  And yeah, I’m even talking to the people who don’t have kids.  How many do you see during the day, at night, on the weekends?  Do you realize how much a frown or a smile from a passerby can influence anyone, especially a child?

How can you do this?

Smile.  It’s not hard.  Takes less muscles than it does to frown.  Yes, look it up 🙂
Breathe.  It can’t be all that bad.  Take a few deep breaths and relax already.
Think.  How is my mood/action/reaction going to affect the people around me?
Slow Down.  Life is way too precious for it to all get lost in “getting there already”  Enjoy the journey.

I’ll be posting lessons from time to time according to the best parent in the world.  Me 🙂   No, that’s not pompous, it’s the truth.  I believe it, therefore I must act like it, right? It’s not meant in comparison to anyone else, it’s more a reminder for me that my job on this earth is not to go to work, it’s to raise two kids, and influence others, to be the best people they possibly can be.