Looking for work (not fulltime thank goodness)

No, my job is fine, this is an offer to do side work for people and businesses.  With everything that’s going on financially in the US, we’re finding ourselves trimming back on everything but the essentials and I find myself wanting to get creative again.  Since this is my blog, I’m going to put forth a shameless plug:)

Want a blog?  Need a bunch of scripts written?  Trying to update that tacky old website?  Working for a company that needs contracting work, but you don’t know anyone in the tech field you can trust?  YO!  OVER HERE!!!! 🙂


I’ve been programming since 1997 when my son was born.  What started out on Geocities free websites as a way to share pictures with my family in NY turned into my own hosted website, which turned into doing a website for the company my brother in law works for (http://www.carfaro.com), some touchups to friends sites here and there, and even a Blog-Move for a friend in Highschool, Beth Beyrer who wanted to get away from Typepad and host her own.  I currently work as the Web Applications Developer for a company in White Plains, we run the operations for nursing homes in the South, mostly FL, GA, and LA.  All the stuff I do at work is all C# applications built in Iron Speed Designer (a code generator) and Visual Studio.  I also have learned quite a LOT about WordPress, how it works, and how you can use it to your best advantage.

I’m big into SQL and will be beginning some huge forays into Business Intelligence(BI) pretty soon, dashboarding a lot of our current data into manageable reporting tools for our Execs.

I’ve done work around the corner, across the country, even wrote some PHP scripts for a dude in New Zealand.  If you’ve got something you’ve been thinking of, or you know someone who needs some tech work done, shoot me an email or drop a comment in below.  Just lookin to make ends meet a little more comfortably.