Making progress

Wow, am I actually updating my blog more than once in a month?  And did I actually stick to something I started?

YES to both!

I’ve been slowly moving towards a totally paleo diet, or as close as I can get sometimes, for about 2 weeks, with the first day of spring as my official first real day.  So it’s been about 5 days of solid, “Do I really want to eat that” behavior and I have to say, I am a little impressed.  I haven’t really been looking for changes, and after starting “The Paleo Coach” book the other day, I’m not stepping on a scale either.  I was in the elevator on my way up to work this morning, and I caught my reflection in the mirror and I have to say, I definitely saw a change in my face.

Don’t worry, not swallowing the cool aid or anything, I’m just pleased with the results so far.  It’s more how I feel than what I look like, which is a nice change in how to look at stuff.  I’ll keep you posted.