Marriage Manual:Ask for what you want

Even tho it might seem like it sometimes, your partner does NOT have ESP.  Nor are they going to be able to pick up subtle and not so subtle hints.  Be Honest.  Just ASK!!!

Be reasonable and think about how it might affect(effect?) your partner, and weigh that against how important it is to you.  If you want something, and you feel guilty about asking for it, not only should ask anyway, but make sure they know you feel guilty about it.  Too many times we just keep things inside ‘knowing’ that they won’t agree – which leads to resentment and misunderstanding.

If you’re honest, and talk about it, you’ll usually get what you want, or based on circumstances, as close as possible 🙂  I want to go to Aruba to go scuba diving, but we can’t afford it.  We CAN however, afford a trip to Hershey Park 🙂