Movies: Henry Poole is Here, John Adams

Henry Poole is Here is Luke Wilson with a terminal disease moving into a house that has a water stain that looks like jesus.  It’s a great movie, still trying to figure out if he believed in jesus, in miracles, in both, in neither.  It was a wonderful movie.

John Adams: an HBO series that I watched the first disc of.  I’ve always been semi interested in American History, tho I should be more interested.  I’ve always liked John Adams, and so I rented it and watched it.  I have always enjoyed Paul Giamatti’s work, but he was UNBELIEVABLE in this series.  Not crazy about Laura Linney in the past, but she was wonderful too.  I really enjoyed trying to figure out who was who before they used their names.  REALLY enjoyed the guys they got for Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.  I liked remembering that Jefferson was eloquent with a pen, but tended to be more quiet than most in session.  I did a report on him in 4th grade and I remembered that, and they actually mentioned something about it.   If you get the dvd, you can turn on the historical popups too, which I thought was cool. Ended up watching it a second time to see what was what.