My Anemic Wife

Fae saw our general practicioner on Wednesday, who sent her to a blood specialist on Thursday, and was set up immediately for iron infusions, which began today.  The hematologist ordered Benadryl and a low dose of Prednisone in her IV drip just to make sure she didn’t have an anaphylactic reaction.  I’m *so* glad she got right to the hematologist and had her do further bloodwork after our general practitioner freaked out about her iron levels… He did basic bloodwork, and the hematologist did more that was in-depth. Her  Ferritin levels were insane.   This is the measure of platelet – making chemical in my bone marrow. (her platelets are way too small right now, and there’s not enough oxygen in her body, which is why she’s been *so* tired). The average healthy level in the Ferritin spectrum is 150, and hers is 4. Let me say that again. Average: 150. Her level – 4. The doctor said she could eat all the spinach and beef in the world, but nothing but an iron infusion would work.

It ends up that most people who have undergone a gastric bypass end up needing iron infusions…gel tabs, SloFE, prescription strength meds, nothing works.

Sucks, but treatable.  She’ll go for infusions once a week for 5 weeks or so and then once a month.  They’ll keep on track of what her levels are and hopefully within a few weeks she’ll start having energy again.  I’ve gotten her back emotionally and mentally, now we just need to get her back physically. 🙂  YAY MODERN MEDICINE!