My kitchen exploded

We’ve had a gnat or two flying around the house, thought it was some fruit or something else.

Until my wife opened the cabinet under the sink to get something and they practically swarmed. Cleared away a lot of the bottles to see not only was the floor buckling, there were small pools of moldy nasty water – hence, the gnats.

Clear out all the stuff, poke around in there and found the problem. The pipe out of my garbage disposal becomes unlodged when something big is in there and sprays it all over the place. Nice eh? So I mop up the pools, and realize that the floor is a shelf and it need to come out. It practically disintegrates in my hands (thank god, seriously. I wasn’t happy about ripping it all out) and comes out fairly easily. And the gods of karma must have been smiling because there was no liquid on the floor under neath.

So we went to home depot, got an extender for the garbage disposal and some flooring to replace the shelf in there. Cut the pieces measured everything pretty much perfectly. Something was nagging at me tho. It had been sagging in two places. Why? Who cares?!?!

So I put down a cover to be able to just pull out and wash when I have to. We cleaned up and made some dinner. I go back in to put all the stuff back underneath. What’s there?

A puddle.

Turns out, it’s from the insta-hot. An insta-hot is something that gives you almost boiling water, and considering the amount of tea my wife drinks, it’s a necessity. We’re on our second one. The water was dripping down the plug. Nice eh? So we’re calling a plumber to come and either replace it, or fix it. From where the water is coming, I’m thinking it’ll be him replacing the unit.

Great. So much for me feeling good about my plumbing skills.