New Mindset

So Sunday was a bust in that I couldn’t go to my jujitsu class, tho it was raining so I was only a little upset. 😉  Sunday was Fae’s first day at the shows in NYC with her Dad, they’re working together for a designer. The show is 3 days, so she’ll be done tomorrow.

Stan, her Dad, is a representative for a few womens clothing lines, and he travels all over NY, NJ, PA, DE, and MD selling to Mom&Pop shops, bigger stores, even to one of the Nordstroms I believe.  Fae is a natural at it, but has been dealing with some serious anxiety and depression issues.  She’s seeing a wonderful woman and they’ve got her pretty even keeled.  She’s been feeling bad about me being the only bread winner and the fact that we’re reliant on our Tax refund for a large chunk of bills we have right now.  So she and her parents talked about it for a while and she’s been going on the road with him around 2-3 times a month.

This show, however was big.  She was there with Stan and the designer, Lee Anderson, getting her feet wet.  Just seeing her face when she came home was priceless.  I’ve always know this is what she was born to do, but Fae is not easily directed.  You have to lay it out on the ground in front of her so she can pick it up herself.  If you say “You should do this”, it won’t work.  Subtlety is the way.  She came home last night and was radiant, as well as in pain 🙂  Her feet were killing her.  She had some ups and downs in the beginning, but figured things out quickly and got the hang of it to the point where Lee felt comfortable leaving early (it’s a three day thing, I think she’s going home tonight) because Fae knows what she’s doing and Stan is a really good teacher.

I have to say, it was really nice to spend the whole day with the kids – we went skating, then shopping for food, then to the library, all without worrying about Mom 🙂  When she got home, I had the kids dressed for bed, Gillian was already half askeep, and had tea and some dinner for her so we could talk about her day.  She called about 10 min before she came home and asked for a warm bath – wanted to soak her feet 🙂

This all being well and all, but I’m wondering if this will take off for her, and if it does, I wonder where it’ll go.  At this point, she can’t go on the road with the kids in school, but I laid the groundwork for getting them off myself and going in a little later – 9:30 is still acceptable – and my mother in law has said on numorous occassions that she’ll get them from school.

Keep your fingers crossed!! 🙂