NJ Triathlon 7/26/09

Was I ready? oh HELL no. July specifically has been an insane month. Everything we’ve got going on at work has been big projects and lots of extra time. We’re moving all of our servers, so the logistics and scheduling has been pretty crazy.

Is that all pretty much an excuse? Yeah, unfortunately. Keep in mind that I wasn’t really shooting for uber-fast times, we do it because it’s something we like to do together. He’s slower in the water, I SUCK at the run so it all pretty much evens out.

The NJ Tri is something my friend A and I did 3 years ago and thought we’d start a tradition. Things came up last year, but we promised each other we’d do it this year. Then again, I also promised I’d be in shape for it so I didn’t slow us down. Heh, yeah, good intentions and all that. So we went down to Princeton to stay at his sister-in-laws house. That worked out really well because they live really close to the park.

Got up at 5am, ate some oatmeal, peanut butter, and bananas. Yeah, it was pretty gross at 5am, but I needed the protein, long burning carbs and the potassium. Got over there around 5:30, got our gear in place and went down to check out the conditions of the swim. The lake we were swimming in was nice and warm, 78 degrees, and once I took a practice swim for a few, I knew the swim would be good. I was in the 6th wave out, we got to wear the blue swim caps, and felt pretty good starting out. Swam 500 meters in 11:41, which I would definitely like to improve on.

We rode 11.5 miles in 46:38 which I can definitely improve on. Nice flat roads, slight inclines, but nothing to be seriously concerned with. Definitely could have kicked it in faster, but I wanted to save some for the run, which I knew I was going to totally suck at.

We ran 3.1 miles in 37:19 which I walked a good mile and a half of. This was where I knew I would have the most problem and I wasn’t surprised. Hip is killing me right now. This is where I can really shave off a lot of time, plus by training for the run more, my endurance will increase as well as cutting down on the fatigue I was feeling during the swim.

What is the lesson here? Train Train Train!!! Attaching some pics we took at the finish line.

just after we past the finish line
just after we past the finish line
Me and my kids
Me and my kids

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