Now that explains something…

Fae’s been sick for a while, whether it be emotionally from trying to work with the right anxiety and depression meds, or side effects of them all, or sinus and flu the past week or so.  This summer was a disaster, but thankfully the doc and Fae realized that certain kinds of drugs, SSRI’s, don’t work and just mess up her functions.  Sept was so much better, and October was even moreso, having Fae back in spirit, if not in body.  She’s been tired, and when she gets moving, gets winded and tired easily.

So when we had to get a refill on one of her antibiotics, the doc wanted to see her and do some bloodwork.

Long and short of it is she’s anemic, and pretty bad.  So much that the doctor made her promise to see a hematologist today.  So now we know part of why she spent so much time in bed over the summer, or at least part of the reason.  She’s at the hemotologist right now trying to figure out specifically what’s up.  Hoping for the ‘big ole shot of Iron’ route rather than the transfusion route.  Me?  I have veins like a freeway.  Fae’s veins roll and hide and have had her on occasion need 2 different people to get something into her vein.

Send a thought, good feeling, prayer to her.  She’s been through so much crap over the last year, I just want her back and healthy.  Plus she’s at the doc right now and she hates them 🙂  Me too for that matter.