Okay, it’s time for ‘Who Cares?’


I elected my officials to go to Washington to represent me to help make my life better, easier, I dunno. Maybe actually accomplish something?

I have to say in response to this article – WHO THE F&*K CARES?!?!?

We have a WHOLE lot more problems with our government, with our economy, and with a thousand different other things for idiots like this guy going after something that benefits big business. Does this effect the economy? YES!

But not for the reasons you’re thinking. Will cracking down on filesharing help save the music industry some money? In my point of view? NO! I don’t agree with downloading and filesharing, but honestly I think it spreads music around a lot better and honestly makes me buy MORE music than I normally would have.

I used to buy a cd or two every couple of months. I spend a lot more per month at iTunes based on “Hey man, have you heard this? Come check this out” from friends than I would have ever before.

Louisiana is still a mess. There are more murders in Baton Rouge in the last 18 months than ever before. EVER!!! How about going after that? How about making it SAFE for people to be witnesses in murders so they can testify instead of declining and letting these people go for fear of retribution.

All in all? Grr factor 10 here.