One of those days

Okay, so I woke up in a gloom, and it’s quickly gone down hill.  Little shit here, little shit there, a comment here, a reschedule meeting there.

I’ll go work out, that’ll make me feel better.

Should have known.  Now I’m sweaty, sorry, and gloomy.  Had too much time to think, which in the current state of affairs, is never a good thing.  I’d love to say that all I need is a heavy bag or an opponent in pads to wail on, but truthfully, that’ll probably just depress me even more because of how out of shape I’m in.

It’s my blog so I’m allowed to whine, and if you’re still reading, you are a true friend.  Everything feels like it’s spinning in 20 directions at work, and I can’t get a handle on some of it because other things need to happen, and so I get uptight that none of that’s getting done – you know the drill.

So even tho tomorrow is Wednesday, I’m going to do some situps and pushups during the day and go to kendo at night and maybe get out some of my frustration there – but of course, it’s about finesse so the harder I try to hit, the shittier my attack comes.

You know what?  Just fuckin shoot me.

Seriously, thanks for reading. 🙂