Oops I (over)Did it Again!

ow. Wait, that’s not right.

yeah, that about sums it up. Man o man. I went to class on Sunday and I am so freakin sore right now it’s not even funny. Well, maybe a little. Okay, watching me hobble around this morning did seem a little humorous.

Normally the one doing most of the demonstrating in the class would be Sempai (or Senpai). Sempai is the senior student in the class and if we’re doing techniques and Sensei wants to point something out, he usually demonstrates on Sempai. Well, when we got to the jujitsu part of the practice, he split us up into senior and junior students. I’ve been there almost the longest, but I took an almost 3 year sabbatical, so I am having to relearn quite a bit and so I am with the junior students. Sempai was working with the three seniors. So that left me as the most senior in our circle, and Sensei demonstrated things…a LOT. I think I hit the ground more than 100 times on Sunday.

The funny thing is, I could not be happier. I was feeling good, my rolls and falls were lining up correctly. I even got taken for a high fall (picture diving into a forward roll, but you land on your side with your arms splayed out to spread out the impact) which I did pretty well. I find my practice getting tighter and more fluid, but as I felt on Monday am, I had to pay for it.

Cool thing about it is I chugged a bunch of water this morning, did some stretching and felt pretty damn good for the rest of the day. Until I went to Field Night with Mr. Schmael. That’s Gillian’s gym teacher. They have this program called Coins for and it raises money for some charity. IF you drop the coin in the the bucket of water and it lands in the cup, you get an invite to this thing. It was cool. Me and Gillian and about 10 other kids and a parent each and we just played games and ran around the gym and played hula hoop and tried to knock over pins with those squishy koosh balls. We took a break at one point and I realized I wasn’t the only one that was soaked.

Now I’m sore again 😉