Celiac’s and Gillibird

First and foremost, before you continue reading, Celiac’s disease is a reaction to anything with gluten in it. Gillian’s okay, so don’t worry.

Well, at least now we know. For the last several months, Gillian has been looking kind of pale and withdrawn. My niece was having some similar problems and her doc recommended some Iron supplemented vitamins to help out. We talked to our doc and he ended up giving us the same thing. Really worked well – she started eating a lot more, had more energy, etc. It was good.

Well, it lasted for a little while, but she’s been looking more withdrawn lately and having problems with heartburn now too. My niece has already been diagnosed with Celiac’s and the doc want to do some blood work on her.

Came back positive for Celiac’s. What that means is that she could be miserable for the rest of her life with her current diet, or live a normal one with a significant change in her diet. In the majority of the cases documented, a simple glutenfree diet usually takes care of almost all of the problems and symptoms.

Initially? “There’s something wrong with my daughter, and it’s probably my fault” ran through my head a bit. I have a feeling that it’s coming from my side of the family, but Fae had some problems as a kid, so it might be from both sides of the family. Who knows. I’m probably going to get tested just to make sure.

Now? We’re going to a pediatric gastro doc tomorrow and probably going to schedule an endoscopy to make sure. After that, gluten free diet. One of the bigger things that happens with celiac’s is height and weight problems. Honestly, I can see maybe her weight, but I have a feeling that her height is all my wife’s fault πŸ˜‰ All I care about is that we found out what might be wrong and the solution isn’t going to be too bad or painful or anything like that.

Just makes you thankful for small miracles:)

What’s wrong with shrimp leftovers?

Um, when you eat them a week after they’ve been cooked?

You do the math.Β  Friday night in the bathroom all night, not fun.Β  I’ll be okay, I’ll be fine, my stomach’s cramping, it’ll pass, I’ll be fine.
It’s 5:30 am already? Enough of this. BOOM.

Can I say I don’t like throwing up? No fun. No fun at all.

Kids, if you get sick to your stomach, just go for it, don’t hold it in.Γ‚ Doesn’t to anyone any good.

Woof, my stomach still hurts, and it’s Monday!!!

Plumber’s butt, sore shoulders, and the general state of things under my sink

If you aren’t interested in the intricacies of plumbing, stop reading.

Okay, keep reading, because I’m damn proud of the job I did.Γ‚ Too bad it took me so damn long.

It all started with my son.
“Yeah buddy, what’s up?”
“Um, the faucet’s leaking”

so I went into the kitchen, and lo and behold, the faucet is leaking indeed.Γ‚ Not a lot, but enough that I couldn’t let it sit.Γ‚ Tried messing with the handle by pulling it apart and checking the washers – no dice.Γ‚ Still leaking.Γ‚ Okay, it’s time toΓ‚ change the faucet.

Mistake #1 – “I’ll just go get a faucet and replace it, no sweat.”

Yeah right.Γ‚ I went to Home Depot and picked one out, then went back and got the right kind – there is a difference between a one hole faucet and a three hole faucet.Γ‚ Then went back and got new lines for the faucet because they should be replaced anyway.

Problem #1 – I have an instahot installed – it pours out almost boiling water for Tea and stuff like that.Γ‚ I had it rigged with a thing called a Saddle – it’s something that when installed on a copper line will pierce the line and let water flow – all without leaking.Γ‚ I tried to reinstall it on a different part of the pipe, and it didn’t work.

Mistake #2 – Trying to hook up a 5/8 pipe.Γ‚ NO ONE USES 5/8 PIPE ANYMORE!!!!Γ‚ Even calling the company didn’t help – they don’t carry the stuff anymore.

Problem #2 – it’s next to impossible to find a male and female connector on the same tee joint.

Solution – call a plumber.Γ‚ He hooked everything up and told me that I was very close, I just needed something that he made out of parts of what he had and not something I would have been able to do.

Saved a bit of my ego πŸ™‚

Moving things around under there a day later – WTF?

Problem #3 – the tank from the instahot is now leaking.Γ‚ Can’t buy a new tank, had to buy a new set.

250$ later, I hope my wife likes her f*cking tea!! :)Γ‚ I did manage to understand things and get it all installed and am happy to say, that there are no leaks.

things to remember –

  1. if you have to use copper tubing, and need to put a nut on it to fasten it, you’ll need a ferrule or pressure cuff inside the nut.Γ‚ When you connect, put the nut on, then the ferrule, then slide the copper pipe into the thing you’re trying to hook to, slide the ferrule down, then tighten up the nut.Γ‚ The pressure of the nut tightening will keep clamp the ferrule down.Γ‚ You might want to stick some Plumbers putty into the nut before you slide it down and fasten it.Γ‚ Keeps it from leaking.
  2. Tape Dope – it’s teflon tape that you wind tight around the male end,tight enough so you can see the threads.Γ‚ Also helps stop leaks.
  3. Lose a crapload of weight and limber up your shoulders if you’re going to be under the kitchen sink.Γ‚ Ours is in a corner which made it especially fun.
  4. Learn the difference between 1/4, 5/8, 3/8, 1/2 and understand that almost NO ONE will carry anything connected to a 5/8 pipe.Γ‚ I tried finding ferrules and nuts to replace the 5/8 tank line with and went to 5 different places.

Adventures in Plumbing is over now.

Till Now…04/07

I like reading the stuff that is up on Dooce and one of the things she does is a monthly entry. I’d like to try to do something similar here. What’s going on in the Cushing family type deal.

It’s April, Aidan will be turning TEN in six days. DID YOU HEAR ME? TEN!!!

Am I old enough to have a Ten yr old? No, I agree, not mature enough by far, that’s for sure, but he is Ten, and I was there when he was born. Thankfully he does look and act a lot like me πŸ˜‰

Aidan’s turning Ten in a few days, Fae is celebrating another anniversary of her 30th birthday (the last one!!!), Gillian is finally growing and Cheerleading season is almost over.

I’ve spent way too much time under the sink in the kitchen, for what started as a small leak in the faucet. I do know a lot about plumbing now, but once I get the instahot installed, I’m never going near another wrench again. Nope, not gonna do it. At least until the next project comes up.

So the kids only have one more competition and then the season is over. My weekends will be mine again…well, mine when Fae doesn’t book us for 47 MEEEElion things to do. I’m going to do some house stuff pretty soon I think. The whole plumbing thing helped me realize that I’m fairly smart and can make some right decisions.

Aidan is getting into programming now. He’s been talking about a video game forever, and I just downloaded something from Microsoft called XNA – it’s a game programming engine. We’ve been doing a little each night, and it’s fairly well done.

Gillian is changing everytime I look at her. I think, at Seven, she’s warring between wanting to crawl on my lap and cuddle, and be independent. I can’t get over how much she changes all the time.

I love my job, I truly do. My boss is open minded, gracious, and just a pleasure to work for. It’s just such a pleasure to be able to make suggestions and get feedback in a respectful way, even when I’m totally being shot down.

Fae’s working with a friend of hers, doing her books, helping her with planning and shopping and doing other things for her. The woman she’s working with is a high paid, overworked consultant, so Fae’s been making it easier on her to get things done, and bringing in some extra cash which is really nice.

The car just came back from the shop, the Van that is. 700$ for a new axle, oh goody!

Anyway, just thought I would try to get into the habit of writing, so there you go.


Wow, it’s actually nice outside. I was beginning to feel like it never would be!!!

I heard the birds when I walked out this morning and you can’t help but smile because of it.


Oh well

I jumped too soon it seems.Β  I have all of my posts and comments, but it’s just going to be too much of a pain in the butt to import the whole thing.

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