Paris – Day Quatre

I’m writing this from home because we were so spent the nights after we got back. 🙂

Day four was mostly ile de Cite time.  We hopped on the metro, after a huge helping of eggs and french bacon(lardon), and began the day at Saint Chappelle.  While not especially huge, it really almost brought tears to my eyes.  The first floor is really pretty, not especially impressive in comparison, but I thought it was pretty nice.  Got Aidan and my parents a gift while we were in the ground floor, and took some pictures, then headed up the spiral staircase located in the back of the church.  I noticed there was one on the other side as well.  Everything in the church is symmetrical.  Walked up the stairs and saw what all the fuss was about.

I had seen an article about the stained glass in the church a few months ago and had put this on our list of things to do because I love just staring at it and picking out all of the scenes in it.  I read how impressive it was and I was not disappointed.  It honestly took my breath away it was so beautiful.  Starting from the back left corner moving up the side curving around in the front and coming back down the other side were scene upon scene from the bible, picked out in brilliant colors.  Thankfully the sun was cooperating and blasting brilliant color into the room.  I was literally standing there open mouthed when I heard Fae’s sharp intake of breath and she turned me around to look at the back of the church.

I almost wept it was so beautiful.  Called the West Rose window, i just stood and stared for I’m not sure how long.  Fae took lots of pics that we posted on Facebook, but for some reason we couldn’t get this one to come out as well as we’d like.  The real issue is you really can’t capture how awesome it is.

From there we went to Notre Dame and walked around outside in the grounds.  The architecture is amazing because of the things they needed to do to ensure it would stop sinking.  Yeah, the church had begun to sink 🙂  The line was hours long and after Sainte Chapelle, we were content to just look at the flying buttresses and the gargoyles from where we were.

After admiring the size and beauty of it, we walked to a gluten free cafe called the Biosphere Cafe (I recommend the potato and bacon quiche), we decided to go to the cemetery of Pere Lachaise where a lot of famous people are buried.  Got some cool pics of Pizarro, and Seurat’s graves as well as that of Jim Morrison of course 🙂

That night Fae had booked us on a ghost tour that turned out to be more of a historic murder tour, but it was cool nonetheless.

In the next post, I’ll regale you with the tale of Eric the Fussy Frenchman and our trip to Versailles.