People I like to read…

I’ve been blogging for a while now, but it’s only in the last year or so that I’ve really started READING a lot of blogs. I have to say I’ve found some really cool people. Feel free to suggest anyone in a comment that I don’t have on this list, and if you’re not on my list, it’s not because you suck, it’s because I haven’t added you to outlook RSS feeds yet because I’m a lazy bastard 🙂

This list is in Outlook alphabetical order so it’s not a judge of who is the coolest, tho the first one is pretty darn cool;)

  • Cheaper than Therapy–Musings of a Mom of 3 – really got me into posting pics (tho I’ve been really bad lately)
  • Half-Past Kissin Time – an inspirational teacher who makes me want to do good! SuperLady!
  • MammaDawg – Twilight Addict, nuff said 😉
  • My Life As It Is – great, but, ahem, needs to be updated!!!! 🙂
  • Raging Dad – moved from Minnesota to Oregon. Oye. Currently back home visiting, so not posting much. Twitters a lot 🙂
  • Suburban Musings – almost scared me away from her blog with her awesome Farrah 80’s doo 🙂
  • Terri Terri Quite Contrary – someone I found from Mike’s blog – see Unraveling below – and a co-author of a story we’ve been writing.
  • The B.S. Cafe – who wouldn’t love reading someone who came up with a blog category called WTF Wednesday?
  • This New Place-good thing I put this together, I didn’t even realize she moved to a new blog!
  • Unraveling Life’s Mysteries – Cigar smokin, republican, Halo’s fan. Wait, why do I read this guys stuff again? 😉

So these are some people that I read on a regular basis and I think you should as well. Besides, they’re all paying me 50$ to promote their blogs here. And flying me to europe. And….um…paying for my kids college, yeah, that’s it. Seriously – they’re some damn interesting people that I think you might like as well.