Proud Papa

So Aidan is in a camp that we found for him (thanks Grammy!) and has been having an absolute ball. It’s called iCAMP and it’s awesome. I want to go!

They teach the kids how Computer Programs work. Then they teach them what all the basic pieces are. Then they teach them how to put them together. Then they teach them how to make their own pieces.

So why am I a Proud Papa? I dropped him off this morning and met some of his instructors, and he started his computer and showed me his game. The look on his face was one I will never forget. A mixture of nervousness and excitement and pleasure when I started playing. It’s a little dragon that goes around munching glowing balls, but you have to watch out for the baddies, or you have to start the level over.

I hit a bug at one point and he said, “Darn it! Get up a second, Dad.” He sat down and clicked a few keys, “AH! Got it! Keep going, I just have to recompile.” Smiling, I sat down and I continued playing.

The warm fuzzy feeling that I know he and I shared was completely geeky in nature, but probably one of the fondest I have had with him in 10 years he’s been alive. Just the small measure of “See what I did” and how proud he was of it was so beautiful.

Yes, I’m a geek, so what?!?