Rest in Peace, J

I’m a big believer in everything being connected in the universe and my funk  was bothering me for some reason that I couldn’t put my finger on.  I had a feeling something was going to happen.  Unfortunately, I was right.

My Aunt is a nun, she works in Brooklyn in a halfway house for ex-convict women.  Her work in the diocese brought her into contact with so many people, one amazing man in particular.  I’m not going to use names because I promised myself I never would, but the one in particular has been a part of the family since I was really young.  Through their shared work for the church, he befriended my Aunt, and became a very important member of the family.  He was a constant fixture in our holidays, and became very close with my older brother.  He was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 10 years ago, and after a lengthy stint of treatment, managed to beat it off and regain his robust healthy self.

He was an amazing man, a good friend, and  someone I could go outside and smoke with at those family parties I hated when I was in High School and college.  We were never as close as he and my brother or he and my Aunt, but I always knew he loved me and cared about me.

About 18 months ago, his cancer came back with a vengence, slowly taking over everything, including the bones in his face to the point where he couldnt’ speak for the last several days.

My friend and family member died last night at 1:30am, thankfully in his sleep.  His faith in God and love for his spirituality help me to grieve, knowing that he has moved on to a better place and left behind so many people who love him.

I love you J, you will be missed.

Now…those of you who have read to the end of this, I thank you.  Now call those people you haven’t called in a long time because it’s been too inconvenient before that choice is taken from you.  I was lucky enough to have spent a lot of time with him and on the phone with him, before he passed.  Don’t let chance or fate or whatever you believe take that choice away from you.  Call them, now.