Review: Stay

Netflix blurb: This racy thriller bends reality about five different ways when a psychologist’s (Ewan McGregor) suicidal client starts making bizarre predictions that, to everyone’s mounting consternation, begin to come true. Now, the shrink must race against the clock to save everything he loves before it disappears forever. Naomi WattsRyan GoslingBob Hoskins and Janeane Garofalo co-star in this suspenseful yarn directed by Marc Forster.

So what did I like?  Well, Ewan McGregor and Ryan Gosling are two of my favorite actors and having them in the same movie was a big bonus.  Naomi Watts is fairly good playing Naomi Watts – it might be that I haven’t seen her enough, but tho she is a good actress, she’s never thrilled me in anything I’ve seen.  The supporting cast was great, especially Bob Hoskins.  Nice little mind fucker at the end too.  The thing that I liked the most, however, was the cinematography.  Just Wow.  The way they bleed into and out of scenes (no, that’s not a hint) is spectacular.  It all seemed to flow so easily and draw you in from the word go.

What didn’t I like?  I’m hard pressed to think of anything really.  I didn’t like that I knew there was going to be that twist at the end, but I was surprised I was wrong at what would happen.  Pleasantly surprised because I can usually foil a plot line by the first 15 min or so, so this was cool.  Not mindblowing Matrix revealing cool, but a nice solid, believable twist.