Dude.  I can’t believe that this was  you at one point – IMG_0156

This isn’t happening.  I remember when you were born, I got to catch you.  Mom had been in labor for 50 hours or so, but it was all worth it.  You were a bit purple, but the doctors checked you out and everything was fine.  We held you for the first time and it was over.  I knew I’d never be the same.  I can’t even begin to think what it was like from Mom’s point of view, but my life was different from that moment forward.

Aidan, you are everything I could have wanted in a son and 10x more.  You’re kind, gentle, funny, and you make me proud to be your father.  You have done so many things that amaze me and I know you’ll continue to do them for years to come.

I love you buddy,