Snot, Baseball and the general lay of the land

Yeah, I know, gross.  Aidan was home on Mon and Tue with a sinus infection and as much as I would love to blame it on him, I think it’s just my seasonal allergies.  “Take zyrtec regularly” is running thru my head – thanks honey, I know I should, but I’m just a dumbass.  Head is nice and full and I can’t breathe and Musinex isn’t doing jack shit to clear it out of my nose so I can breathe.  Miserable?  Me?  Nah 😉

The Sox have a limited number of games and while they aren’t statistically out of the pennant race, they have been for a long time.  The Theo plan of defense and pitching didn’t work all that well now did it, tho I do have to give him that there was no way he could predict that there’d be 45 regular players during the year.  That’s an unbelievable statistic when you look at it from the perspective that there are only 2 fulltime starters that haven’t been on that list.  Nice.  Ugh, football anyone?

Works busy as hell which is great and terrifying at the same time.  We’re moving forward nicely, lots of documentation so far, hoping to crack open the vault and put some code together soon to show everyone the coolness we have planned.

Okay, I was going to try to make this lengthy, but I am falling asleep again.  Going back to bed until Gillian has to wake up.