So what’s up?

I’m officially addicted to Facebook 🙂 I’ve found people I haven’t talked to in 20 years, people I haven’t talked to in 20 minutes and a lot in between. It’s an interesting phenomena that I truly wish I had thought of 🙂

I’ve been working from home 3 days a week now and it’s truly paying off in how much I see my family. I can still get up at 6, work some, get the kids off to school, work some, have a nice lunch with my lady, work some, get the kids off the bus, work some, eat dinner, tie up a bunch of stuff for the next day and by 8:30, the Gillian’s in bed, Aidan and I are either talking, watching a movie, or just reading together and by 9:30, he’s in bed and Fae and I have our time.

I’m a lot more relieved about my job and how much time I spend since I don’t have to commute three hours to do it. Plus, with the price of gas….OYE!

Aidan and I are taking a Kendo class and it’s really a lot of fun. I’ll expand more into what we do and how it works in another post, but lets just say I’m feeling so close to my son right now. It’s amazing the things we talk about on the way home, including how f*&^ing tired and sore we were on Wednesday night coming home. We did a bunch of things we hadn’t done before and it left us reeling.

Gillian just had her final acting class and monologue yesterday and it was absolutely wonderful. I found it really interesting how natural she looked and felt while she was doing it. At one point, she starts delivering her lines while doing some stretching things and moves from cheerleading. Even her acting coach was impressed. “Wow, that was more natural than I’ve ever seen you. If you’d get better about memorizing your lines, you’d be AMAZING”. They ran through a bunch of the exercises they had done over the last several months and finished up with her monologue, which was really quite good. Of course I’m biased, but truly I thought she did really well.

Fae’s going to be helping me out with some of the work I’m getting backed up on. Hoping that I can introduce her to more than just html. If I could get her moving into css and graphics, I think we would start taking on a lot more work, and she’d feel like she was contributing more, which would be awesome. Right now she’s doing some small edits for me, and figuring her way around in the code.

Anyway, have a great day Mr. and Mrs. Internet!