So where have YOU been?

I think I am in the minority in that growing up I didn’t move at all, lived in the same house until I left for college….and came back…and left again.  I was thinking about this after I dropped off Gillian at school for her before school lesson – big sax, little girl – you do the math.

  1. 236 Princeton Road Rockville Center NY until leaving for college in Aug 1987
  2. Bushnell Hall, Mary Washington College, Fredricksburg VA (Aug 87-May 88)
  3. 236 Princeton Road Rockville Center NY (May 88 – Dec 88) (failed out, had to go home, went to community college and got them to let me back in)
  4. Apt in downtown Fredricksburg VA (Jan 89-May 89) (failed out again)
  5. 236 Princeton Road Rockville Center NY (May 89 – Aug 91)
  6. Howard Johnson’s Hotel, Harrisonburg VA (Aug 91 – May 92)
  7. Hunter’s Ridge Apt Complex, Harrisonburg VA (May 92 – May 93)
  8. Taft St, Houston Texas (Jun 93 – Aug 93)
  9. Squire Hill Apt Complex, Harrisonburg VA (Aug 93 – Dec 93)
  10. Taft St, Houston Texas (Jan 94 – Jan 95)
  11. 12400 Overbrook Ln Houston Texas (Jan 95 – Jun 99)
  12. Sunset Ridge, Bridgewater NJ (Jun 99 – Nov 4 99)
  13. French Drive Bridgewater NJ (Nov 4 99 – present)

All in all, not all that many places.  Most of the moving around was in college, and yes, I lived in a HoJos.  James Madison University accepted 2500 students for the class that year and 2496 people accepted the acceptance.  Doubles became triples, Trips were Quads, and 67 of us ended up as the overflow out at HoJo’s across the highway.

Maid service, AC, a pool?  Um, yes please:)

How many places have you lived?  Feel free to link to me and post your own results on your blog:)