Some of my favorite movies…what’s yours?

I’m one of those people who can:

  • tell you what’s going to happen within 15 min of the movie starting – the Sixth Sense stumped me, I’ll admit.
  • Can identify someone’s voice in a movie or commercial within seconds
  • can get involved with a movie I’ve never seen even if it’s 10 min from the end

Therefore, I’m going to suggest some movies for you to watch.

Leon (The Professional)  – watch the directors cut, it’s much better and delves into the relationship much deeper.  Jean Reno was BRILLIANT.
Amelie – really touching/silly/heartfelt movie.  (Oh yeah, the guy in the movie is the guy in the Fifth Element that tries to hold up Corbin in his apartment – the guy with the hat.  Yeah, I’m that good)
Shaolin Master Killer – okay, this is a corny chop-socky movie from the 70’s but an ABSOLUTE classic kung fu movie.
300 – A Great adaptation of a graphic novel.  If you like the style, watch Sin City as well.
Wedding Crashers – Rachel McAdams, nuff said.  Well, okay, it’s funny as hell too.
Shawshank Redemption – great Stephen King book, wonderful movie.  (Thanks for the reminder Kent)
Seven Samurai – classic Japanese samurai movie.  Must see.
Last Samurai – I have to admit that I actually liked Tom C in this, but Ken Watanabe who plays Katsumoto deserved an oscar for his performance.  Must Must Must See.

So what are some of your favorites?