Spread Good News instead of Bad

I am a big believer in the fact that the media is concerned with mostly spending most of their time on bad news, and catastrophy, and gloom and doom.  I’m also a big believer in what one person CAN do, they SHOULD do.

My roommate from JMU posted something about a rare act of sportsmanship and the depth of the human spirit.  sometimes it IS about caring for your fellow man and be able to overcome our own selfish agenda and do the right thing.

This brings up a good point.  I’m going to start a movement in amateur bloggers.  I have been participating in A Thousand Word Thursday with CheaperThanTherapy Jen and I really like posting my own stuff and then go see other people who are participating.

What I’d like to do is make one of the days of the week and have people post something positive in the news to make a go at pushing back the gloom and doom.

Jen, how do you do your signup thing?  Let me know, I’d like to start something similar.