State of Affairs

After surviving all of the surgery and hospital visits, what’s next on the cruise directors list of things to do to stress you out?

1) A 7 hour drive to bring Gillian to Camp and stay at a friends near my work
2) An 9 hour drive to get Gillian and take her up to Lake George
3) Hanging out in Lake George for a week where you can relax and unwind for the first time in about a year.

Um, can I skip to #3?

To tell the truth, I don’t really mind 1 & 2 that much. 1 is going to be just me and Gillian when I go to drop her off at camp. I’m the webmaster for the camp so I’m going to go set up a computer so they can upload all of the pics and I can put them on the website at night so family and friends can see what they’re doing during the week. We did it last year, but there was someone there who’s sole job was so take pics and upload them, she’s not going this year unfortunately.

Work has been so crazy lately and it occurred to me that the last day I took as vacation that was an actual vacation, was probably end of last year. Most of the vacation days I’ve taken so far have been to take care of something else, this year it’s been to many hospital related ones 🙂

Wow man, I’m already relaxing just thinking about sitting on the porch of the cabin and staring out at Lake George and the mountains. I’ll try and post more pics this year.

(and yes, I know, 2 posts in the same week, much less the same month? amazing)