Still my little girl

Dear Peanut,

Who are you, and why am I here? Um, excuse me miss.  Who told you that you were allowed to grow up?  TEN?  You’re not allowed to be TEN!  I want a redo!  No, I wouldn’t change a thing, not one little bit, I just want to relive it all over again because it’s been an amazing trip with you so far.  This is you and me at around 3 weeks and 30 yrs respectively.  I think I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do with two! 🙂

What's with the hat? Just to go on record, the hat was not my idea.  The storyteller we had for your 3rd birthday was cool as hell, but that hat is a bit much.  You do look way too cute in it tho, sorry honey.  This is TOTALLY coming out when you bring boys home.

at 5, trying to act all 'cool n stuff'

Hanging out in Grammy’s backyard, trying to look all cool n stuff.  At this point we realized that you take great pics and tried to get you into modeling, but after a few weeks, decided not to.  Not going to force you to do anything, even if it was your idea in the first place! 😉  “I want to be on TeeeVEEEEEE!”

first trip to Puerto Rico The small hat incident.  Everyone was buying a little something at this one store, and you HAD to have this hat.  I think you outgrew it an hour later it was so small, but no one was going to be able to tell you otherwise.  At this point you are 7 and you’re still growing normally.  We had a great time in Puerto Rico on this trip, you liked the ocean the best.

Gillian school pic 2006-7 This is the school pic that was taken before we realized you had Celiac Disease.  We were trying to fatten you up, put calories on you, help you to be healthy but nothing was working.  You ate plenty, and it was all healthy, but you hadn’t gained anything in over 2 years, at this point your teeth stopped coming in, your hair was not really growing, and you were getting horrible stomach aches.  We took you to the doctor after cousin A was diagnosed and they said you had it as well.  We put you on the adjusted diet and within days you felt better, weeks you looked better, and months you were mostly back to where you were before.  Sorry, Mom wants to blame your height on the disease, I know it’s just because she’s only 4’10” 🙂

pool 2009 Lookin healthy, acting healthy, and feeling healthy.  It’s amazing what happens when you eat right and stop poisoning yourself 🙂  This is at the pool this summer, you Aidan and your friends were going crazy in the pool, and this is about the 10th time you asked me to come in.  Yeah, I did 🙂

singing with Guitar Hero Happy Birthday Peanut.  You’re growing into such an amazing young woman, I don’t understand how quickly you’ve grown and changed and become this wonderful person that makes my life that much more amazing for being a part of it.

I love you,