I like to keep these things going because they’re relatively cool.  Here’s the rules:

For those bloggers that I’m going to inflict this on, here are the rules: You take your folder in which you keep your digital photos, choose the fourth folder, then the fourth picture. Explain. Tag four people.
all dressed up with two big sticks!

This is Aidan and I in front of the tree, right after I surprised him with his Gi and Hakama.  You have to understand this is a HUGE deal for him.  We started Kendo in the spring and have been waiting until Sensei thinks we’re experienced enough to wear the uniform.  He didn’t know he was getting it until about 15 min before this was taken.  I’m so proud of him.

Okay, now I have to tag four people.  Mammadawg, Hunter’s Wife, Raging Dad, and Movin Down the Road

and I’m not just choosing their blogs because I want to pick on them, they’re really well written too, so give them a read.