Taking it, one day at a time.

Went to various doctors and it looks like physical therapy for the back, and I’m fit as far as the mental therapist says.  I’m glad I went to talk to her :)  Said my instincts are doing well, that I don’t have any post traumatic stress disorder, and that I’m handling things properly.  If I feel like I’m regressing or depressed, I’m going to go back, but she said I’m doing well.

What she said I did right:
1) Don’t avoid the scene.  ( I went there that day to get some of my stuff that was on the curb:)
2) Don’t avoid talking about it – what happened, how you felt then, how you feel now.  (I think I retold this story about 12 times the first day back at work)
3) Share the experience with people, talk to people you trust, get it out of you, so it doesn’t poison you.  (did this till I turned blue – for those who listened, thanks)
4) Get back in the car :)  (check)
5) Try to restore as much normalcy to your routine as possible.  (She said that me going back to work on Monday was a bit of a stretch, but that she thought I was ready after the game on Sunday.)
6) Don’t feel badly if you aren’t doing great.  Don’t let it get you down if you don’t spring back immediately.  (check, check)
7) Talk, Talk, Talk.  Examine your feelings, understand them as genuine, and see ways of validating them without being paralyzed by them.  (yeah, checks all around)

and a bunch of other stuff.

I’m feeling pretty good tho.  Physically my back is a bit sore, but I’ve got a physical therapy session on monday, so I’m hoping some time with them will get it back into shape.

We’re kicking around the idea of me using Mass Transit to commute for a while.  Yes, I’ll be at the mercy of the public transit system, but I think I’ll be okay.  That way, we don’t necessarily have to buy a car right away.  Probably going to get a piece of crap to drive back and forth to the bus station.  Yeah, bus.  It takes an hour to get to Port Authority, I walk to Grand Central, and then a 35-50 min train to White Plains.  If I leave Bridgewater at 6am, I’ll be in the office before 8.

Pain?  Yeah, somewhat.  But I think it’s worth doing for the summer, see how things go.  If it’s not working, then we’ll deal with it.  Plus it’s 3-4 hours of dev time that I can do.  Pick up some contract work, make some extra cash.  I’m going to need to because it’ll cost me 500 to commute where as I was only paying around 300 for gas, but I think in the long run, it’ll work nicely.

Thanks for caring guys.  I mean it.