This wonderful Rollercoaster ride we’re on

4th graders knowing what ‘Emo’ is.

Darfur, should I even go there?

Killing the planet, does anyone actually care?

Which idiot can I vote into office to turn the US into more of a disaster than it already is?

Rolling my car three times, walking away from it with a small bruise.

A little girl’s smile.

A hug from my son.

Falling in love with my wife every time I look at her.

Staring at a spiderweb for minutes on end, for no reason.

Having a blackberry.

Having a job that not only DOESN’T suck, but is actively the coolest place I have ever worked.

Moving to Japan – possible? ;)Â (yeah right)

Living in the townhouse…..forever…..and ever…..

Debt. Yep, count it. It’s a four letter word.

Writing more – yes, I had an accident, but I’m writing more regardless. Did ya notice? Huh huh??

3100$ to raise for a ride I am not even close to being in shape for. Help me!!!Â

Working for someone you respect, and allowing yourself to think that he might respect me back. (yes Matt, here’s your Cameo 😉


Swimming – need to see about certification for Puerto Rico next year.

Did I mention debt being a four letter word?

Random postings from hell…..

lots of periods after words ……

Be true to yourself, don’t get distracted by bullshit, and do the right thing – ALWAYS!!!