Till Now…06/06

Okay, I was trying to be good, but too many things happened.

Gilli Update:  Gillian is a new person and it’s not even been all that long for her new diet.  She’s gluten free now and she’s got 1000x more energy and pep.  Nice to have my little girl back again.  Her cheeks are filling out, and she’s running around like a looney.  She started the fitness challenge at the gym this month and after a few days is feeling pretty darned good.

Cheerleading Update:  There is someone out there listening to me:)  No only did they decide to have Aidan’s team not travel next year, they also decided to have their practices on the same weekend day, so our weekends during the season are not going to be completely shot anymore.  Hopefully, my parents won’t disown me now:)

Aidan Update: He’s moving to another school next year, Eisenhower Intermediate, so they’re getting them ready to move up.  They had all the kids try several different instruments and they decided that Aidan will play the Baritone, based on how he did with the other things.  Hate to tell him that he’s going to have to lug that thing to and from school!!  At least he doesn’t have to walk to school, uphill both ways, in the snow to get there, the bus comes to the corner at 8:45!!!  Talk about a sleep in!

Fae Update:  She’s been a tagging fool!  She’s set up a lot of locations for the kids at the gym to tag at, which puts money into our account.  Woo!  She’s also become the goto person at the gym for anything having to do with tagging, which is cool.  Still losing weight too:)

Me Update:  Well, if you’ve been following along lately, you’ve seen that I was in a serious accident last Thursday.  My shoulders are still hurting, my neck is still and driving is not a fun chore, especially since I rolled my car three times.  Driving 1.5 hours each way is not fun at all.  I’m getting through it, but I’m going to see the doc about my back, and another one about how to deal with some of the stress of the trauma.

Yesterday was better, hopefully tomorrow will be good too:)