Two Thirty?

Yeah, that was my weight when we started the company Biggest Loser contest two weeks ago.

230?  Two Hundred and Thirty Pounds?!?!?

Granted, I’m 6’2”, fairly bulked from the lifting and martial arts training I’ve been doing, but holy crap!  I got freakin depressed.  So I stopped drinking soda, stopped eating the bags of chips or the whole sleeves of Girl Scout cookies at one sitting.  I’ve been doing some stretching a light aerobic exercise in addition to regular Kendo on Wednesdays with Aidan.  We’re doing it according to loss percentage of initial weight.

Weigh in – 3/1/2010   – 230lbs
Week 1 –   3/8/2010   – 226.4lbs (down 1.57%) came in 5th
Week 2 -   3/10/2010 – 223.8lbs ( down 1.15%) came in 3rd

So the same person won both weeks, I’m wanting to beat her!  Not sure it’s going to happen this week, but we’ll see 🙂

Goal is to be under 210lbs and stay there.  4 more weeks 🙂