Typepad to WordPress…Wow man

So I was a facebook junkie for a while there, gathering up a lot of friends, especially from highschool.  One girl I knew who had married a guy I was friends with in HS, asked me a computer question based on my really technogeeky status updates.  She figured I would know the answer to her dilemma.  Long story short, she asked if I could migrate her blog from Typepad to her own hosted site, make it easier for her to control everything and lay it out better.

I’m happy to say that her photography site, bSquaredphotography is up and running.  I love the template we found, and it’s easy to make her blog look good because she’s really talented.  If you live in the NYC area, let her know, she does great work.

What I did learn – DO NOT USE TYPEPAD!  Holy crow it was impossible to get all the pics because the directories are so messed up.  Lots of hours later, a sitesucking program, and 5G of pics later, and she’s almost all set.  I had a lot of work come up that I had to have done before tomorrow AM so I haven’t finished her galleries, but that shouldn’t be too bad.

If you’re on Typepad and thinking of switching, talk to me first.  If you want to pay me to do it for you?  Even better 😉