Vacation time! Day 1 & 2

So what did I do with my first day of vacation?  I drove about 8-9 hours, yay!

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Now I’m sitting doing laundry while my kids swim in the lake.  Doesn’t seem like fun, but to tell the truth, I couldn’t be more relaxed.  I spent about 3 weeks cramming in as much work and projects and got 99% of it done so I’m very happy and very calm right now.  Last year I had some big deadlines to get back to, so it was a little hectic.  This year, nada.

Fae is still home because she’s working this weekend and Monday with her Dad, so I took Aidan with me to go get Gillian at Celiac Camp in Rhode Island, and from there we drove up to a campsite about 8 miles north of where we are now.  Put up the tent for the night, went and got an ice cream nearby and promptly crashed.

Dude, it gets cold up here at night 🙂  Good thing there were three of us!

The Silver Bay YMCA is kind of like the Dirty Dancing place – lots of things to do, people to hang out with, things like that.  My Mom used to come up nearby as a kid and wanted to start a tradition for the family, so here we are in Year 2 of the Cushing/Kingsley family retreat.

The kids love it because they can swim, kayak, hike, shoot hoops, rock climb, and their favorite – archery.  There’s a really big archery range at the other end of the complex.  We stay in two cabins, and it’s comfy.

So, this is the beginning of my vacation journal.  Day 1 wasn’t super eventful because it was all driving 🙂  Day 2 is looking to be really nice.  Supposed to rain tomorrow and maybe Monday, but it said that last year and it got cloudy for a few hours and that’s about it. 🙂