We’re leaving…..on a jet plan

Yes sports fans, we’re off….TO PARIS! 🙂

Good friend of ours is renting an apartment in the Latin Quarter for 3 weeks and invited Fae and I to join him and his son for a week, so we jumped at the chance.  We’re in Newark airport in the United Club, she scored us some passes, and it’s really nice in here.  We’ve still got over an hour until the plane boards, but she’s already worked her magic and gotten us upgraded to exit row 🙂

My legs are already thanking her.

In order to battle the jet lag, we woke up this morning around 4:30 or so and have been up since.  The hope is that we’ll get on the plane, have a bite to eat, and sleep the bulk of the flight over there.  It’s 7hr 15min so I’m hoping for a solid 5 hours or so.  The plan is to stay awake once we get there and go to sleep regular time once we’re there.  We’ll see how this works 🙂

Wish us luck!  I’m going to hopefully post here and put pics up as well as we go along.  We fly back on Thursday morning.