we’re on the road to nowhere…

My daughters 3rd grade fieldtrip to a museum? Sure, ill chaperone:)

Got to the school this morning and piled onto the bus. Wow, I forgot how loud 22 3rd graders can be. Thankfully I got to sit up front. Cool museum with a good native american exhibit(which is what they are studying) so I did learn some neat things.

Problem is, we’re on the bus, and the kids are louder than on the way here, and we’ve been driving around lost for 20 min. I finally moved up front, told her where to go, and now we’re finally on our way back.

Now all I need to do is:
A) not kill the little monster kicking my seat.
B) not scream at the whiny little girl in front of me
C) not die of starvation

It’s a good thing I love my daughter….