What to do this offseason

Okay, I really hope Ben Cherington reads this, because I have the perfect formula for next year.

  1. Get rid of Bobby Valentine.  Pure and simple, he wasn’t the right guy for the job and I think not only the players thought that, but so did some of the coaches.  Read there was some miscommunication and disagreement with Bogar and Tuck.
  2. Bring in John Farrell.  Looks like he’s not having a great time up in Toronto, so get his butt back in Boston where he knows the place, and has the respect of the players and coaches.
  3. Tie up Papi with a nice multiyear contract.  Don’t be stupid, just do it.  He’s an icon, and he belongs there.
  4. Keep Ross.  Cody Ross was a really good addition to the lineup, the clubhouse, and the fanbase.  He’s enthusiastic, and not afraid to show it.
  5. I am afraid to say it, and will probably get shot, but ditch Ellsbury.  He’s always hurt, seems to whine a lot, and is not a team player.  Ciriaco can fill in nicely out there, and his bat is better anyway.
  6. Do some bargain shopping, ditch the big splash contracts, look how well that worked out.
  7. Put a leash on Lackey, but direct his energy into being the go to guy for the bullpen.  Buchholz and Lester are lost, and I think had been poisoned by Beckett.  Give them a leader to get behind and learn from.  God, as much as I hate Lackey, I really hope he can come out of his funk and pitch.
  8. Solidify your infield.  Ditch Loney and pick up a solid first baseman, or even better, get Podsednik to sit there.  Solid player, good attitude, decent bat.  I would say try to get Youk back, but he’s another one that is always hurt.  Iglesias is going to be a solid player too, he just needs some experience.  Aviles is a good guy to be the backup if you don’t use Ciriaco in the outfield.
  9. Make Tek a part of the team – pitching coach, bench coach, something.  He’s going to make an excellent manager someday.
  10. Bring me in for consultation at various points during the year.  I know I can help 😉